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Coincidence William and his wife together with their son, Paul were having breakfast in the hotel. They all sat at the same large table. Helena asked ...hem to join her in her room after breakfast. Shortly Suzanne and Zac joined them.Just as they were finishing Claire walked into the restaurant and showed the letter from Jim thanking them for the offer and funds will be directed as you requested with his personal oversight to ensured they followed. Helena asked Claire to join them upstairs, she. But instead of a hug his hands went on my boobs. He searched them and felt the hard nipples, roughly squeezing them in his fingers. I let out a screech of excitement. It must have scared because he stopped and reflexively I said "more please" and thankfully he did it more. I suddenly realized his bare hard cock was bouncing around on my ass rubbing up against those panties. I pushed back against him cursing that I had those panties on now, tying desperately to push them down. But they we stuck. I know, I'm a doctor and I see breasts all the time. Big deal, right? But it was perfectly-formed as I stood there fixed on it. She looked up and smiled.Then, as we were finishing up, she came around to get the wrappers of the bandages we had used from the table next to me and I felt her hand brush across my butt, then she left.The hand did not brush lightly but with purpose, palm-side down, hardly an accident. I had to finish up and head to the doctor's men's room to jack-off and calm my. Off came Joanne’s bra and Bess gasped at her friend’s lovely tits. When the two mothers were only in their panties, they smiled at the two girls.“Thank you both. I think we can manage from here”, said JoanneAs the two daughters looked on, Joanne took Bess by the hand and led her to the master bedroom. Anna looked at her mother’s panty-covered ass and was quite proud. Ashley smiled as her mother took charge of the taller, prettier woman. Before they reached the bed, Bess felt and squeezed.

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