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Suddenly I cared less about what everyone around me heard and more about that piece of man meat being down my throat.He continued to yell, "If you wan... my cock they'll be no more complaints! Get on your knees now slave and suck your Master's dick!" Yes Master!" I dropped to my knees and took his man meat in my hand as I ran my tongue up and down the side of his giant cock. I ran my tongue all over it getting it nice and wet. I tongued and sucked on his balls and he groaned loudly. Then,. Brad was now in need of air and also started to try to pull them apart. Kate lay over on to her side to take excess pressure of Brad’s mouth. Emma looked on with concern. She had bought some glue dissolver, but that was still in her flat, and there wasn’t anything else she could do without the key to the cell door. This was certainly not how she’d planned it.After a few more seconds Brad found that by pulling on Kate’s butt in a certain way he could just get a little air into the corner of his. She climbed on top of me and immediately sank her pussy down onto me while she snatched her panties away from my face and sucked my tongue out of my mouth. She was sopping wet, just as excited as I was. She rode me sensually, her hips doing a Persian dance as she undulated on top of me. She worked her pussy on me in a way that pushed the head of my dick right into her g-spot and I looked on in rapture as she took her pleasure unabashedly. It was mesmerizing watching her move. A moist glow of. "I never really apologized for the things I did to you that Saturday. They were wrong, but I was so angry and upset. You didn't seem to understand what was bothering me so much, and I just ... I guess I went a little crazy." Well, what you did worked, Sis. It changed everything for me. I guess I was the typical guy, thinking the damned Program was all my wet dreams in real life. You made me think past that." The bastards who thought up the Program knew what they were doing," Molly lamented. "I.

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