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..."mmmmmmmmmmm Love your cock Andrea, you taste sooooo goood honey" I told her as I stood up and kiss her bright red lips....She smiled and smacked m... ass and told me "Get on the couch, with your ass up head down........." I did as I was told, I watched in the mirror Andrea put some lube on her cock, then rub the mushroom head up and down my hole a couple times then asking "Are you ready honey? take a deep breath..........." just as I answered "Yes........."She poped the head inside my fuck. She was sharp and inventive and a wonderful sense of humor. She could be assertive, but was very conscious of the opinions of the group… and very quickly formed a collaborative relationship looking for feedback on opinions and ideas between them. She looked beautiful… polished giving evidence of pride in her appearance, but no shallow ‘glitziness’. She wore a business pantsuit which complimented her figure and accented her rear well. She unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse and seemed. And I come into this land. Sixty years ago this was miles out in the country ... sagebrush, coyotes and sand..."Ah ... the desert rat story ... they'd heard it a thousand times ... Billy tuned it out ... Wili, Wilhelmina, listened like it was the first time. The old man was the grandfather she'd never had.While the old man droned on about desert, cactus and cows, Billy's mind turned itself to the novel idea ... of ... high school.High School ... babes ... blow jobs, football hero ... babes 'n. “How about you, man? I bet you can do a selfie too?” He asked me once the head slipped from his greedy mouth. I told him that it had grown too thick to get in my mouth any more but I still loved to work my tongue into the foreskin and suck the cream from my own cock. My sweats were soaked with the manslime flowing out of my cock and I thought I should return the favor and show him my autofellatio technique. As I peeled the skin tight pants down over my bloated meat I heard a gasp from him and.

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