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I was unable to control the erection of my cock, huge tent was there on my trouser, she was giving a naughty look and teasing me.After we reached the ...emple town, Vidya asked me to take a room in a good hotel as she would like to take bath and change her dress before going to the temple. She asked me to take puja ticket and when we sat for performing the puja, purohit thought that we were couple and performed the puja accordingly I thought of objecting, but Vidya resisted and was holding my. He gazed lovingly down at his beautiful,young daughter lying there in the exam chair, her breasts wet with his saliva, hersmall nipples tight and erect from his stimulation. Jack began to unbutton hershorts. It was then that he noticed a slight flush to the pale skin of Tracy's neckand shoulders. Even in her drugged state, the young girl was becoming aroused, hernubile body reacting instinctively to her father's petting. Unlike the brassiere, the button of his daughter's shorts opened. I sat in her chair in front of her gorgeous vanity table where shestarted to work her touch. We chatted about all kinds of things. Wereminisced about our high school days, who are crushes were, etc. Itsettled me in and the anxiety suddenly vanished. I told her how I usedto have a little crush on her back in Freshman year of high school."Well.. look at us now!" She said as she delicately applied thefoundation to my face. "We're alone at last but you'd rather play withmy make up than with me."I. Jim asked me if I minded him talking some more about it. We carried on looking at the figures and Jim asked if I was aware that I sometimes teased. Was it deliberate? it could be distracting to the guys and I might get attention I didn't really want. I flustered a little and told him from what they had been saying it was not a problem. I asked him if he was distracted and with that I felt him slide his hand down my calf. I gave a little hmmmm giving him encouragement and with that he gently.

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