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. he's been unleashed upon the world of Toril. Things could get interesting.C'ock, the Evil Rapist Ranger Drow of Big Proportions (+85 Strength, +15 perticular drow dosn't desire power, wealth, or fame. He's not exactly on any 'sides' either. His dark desires are those of the pleasures of flesh. He will literally rape anything sexy on two legs. His biggest turn on are slender elven women, he also a thing for human women, and a few halfling women as well. Stronger then most giants, and. She had let her long curly red hair hang down on her pale white shoulders. As I stared at her my flaccid cock stirred as I inhaled her beauty. Denise's body has held up well for a forty year old. Her C cup breasts do not sag and she only has about ten extra pounds in the middle. Age has affected her ass but that is to me her best feature. I call her ass a full ass. Her cellulite makes it sag at each end but I love the softness of a middle aged woman's butt and could hardly wait to have it! She. "Her reply had made things simple for him, and he happily drove the expensive car toward one of the nearby drive-ins.They conversed along the way, but it was mostly small talk, the kind that feels out the other person without being too blatant. As he had surmised, the car was her father's, but he was surprised to learn that she had lied to her parents and was supposed to be out with other girls from her high school tonight."It was the only way I could get my father to give me the car. I didn't. I was going to buckle down and do this. I had wasted away enough of my life.It was about a month later when after class I went into the cafeteria to get a bite to eat. As I was eating my sandwich, I looked up and saw another student staring at me. I figured it was a student since he had his books open and appeared to be studying.He kept smiling at me and I couldn't help smiling back. He got up and got himself a beverage, and stopped at my table and asked if he could join me."Hi. I'm Shawn.

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