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Anna Smith went over the side and stepped down into the lugger. As she did so she gave out cry as she recognised the man who had taken her arm and at ...he same time came the thud as she was hit on the head. The other man in the boat had attempted to fend off, but Tom, as instructed, had been standing by with a grappling iron which he dropped into the boat preventing this. Jake, on realising the there was a problem, had taken out his revolver and fired at the second man and jumped into the lugger. He grasped Tyler’s left arm and held it down as the cute young boy attempted to escape the hold with what limbs he had left, which were just his legs since he was laying on his left arm already. Tyler’s face was buried in Josh’s still rock-hard and throbbing cock, both of them knowing full well and Josh being especially grateful that biting was not allowed.Young Tyler made futile efforts to get away from the inescapable trap that were Joshes thighs. Slowly he faded into dream land, his. She nestled around with the panties, probably spreading lube over the plug, and then I felt its tip press against my anus. “Please go slowly,” I begged. “Stop whining and relax!” She pushed the rubber against my pucker and I felt it clench tightly at the attempted intrusion. I really tried to relax, but as soon as she upped the pressure, my ring of muscle tightened on its own. “This is going nowhere,” she muttered. Suddenly, a loud crack sounded and fire shot through my left bum cheek. “Owww!”. But we all heardhim. Rajesh offered his help. Both men walked to them, cutting the ropes.The three of us just stood there, silent. Mary and Jane looked shocked. Istared down. I knew what they were thinking. This could be us, somewhereelse, in this new world. Women were just objects, sex slaves to men. Thetwo former secretaries were now full bimbos, with their plump lips, doeeyes, blond hair, balloon boobs and gigantic ass, a curvy body. We hadseen too many of them to know what had.

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