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Make sure you get it all into thetoilet bowl. That is, unless you want to lick it off the rim. And thefloor. Is that what you want? I know that like youappreciate the taste of spunk. And yours has been in your blue balls solong, has gotten so backed up, that it must be extra rich and creamy bynow. So maybe I should just have you shoot it into your hand and thenlick it alllll up. Yummy yum yum. Is that what you'd prefer, lovebug?"I had to think, despite how distracted I was,. )When Linda was with them and they talked about sex, she always listened. When any of them lost her hymen and she shared, they always said how painful it was. What really hit Linda was that, once their boyfriend had sex with them and took their virginity, the boy would always move onto another girl. Linda was determined that when she lost hers, it would be for her husband; and she would not allow herself to be another conquest for any boy, including Peter.Some of her friends said they enjoyed. .I want you to spunk in me later...understand"? I nodded and muttered something about flooding her twat with my seed! "That's quite enough, you dirty pair of fuckers"! Redhead bought the car to a stop at the end of a long, gravelled drive. A huge mansion house was in front of us as Redhead opened the back door and pulled us out, me stuffing my cock back into my trousers and Gemma giggling! Redhead threw the car keys to a servant girl - probably Spanish or Mexican - and barked at her, "Park it,. . give usa pout. Fuck ... perfect! Now, smile ... No, not like that-do a "naughty"smile ... now, wink and pout ... perfect! Okay, turn around, bend over... a bit more ... stick your bottom out and look back towards me ...perfect! Finger on lips, now ... and on chin ... and side of themouth-pout for me! ... perfect! Fuck, you're a natural, Mandy! Just a sec..."He came over to Mandy and lifted her hair off her face and behind hershoulder, letting his hand linger on her cheek for a moment, then.

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