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" Really, because I think you'd be one of the prettiest sissies , thosegirls couldn't compete with you."Before Drew could respond, Steve snuck his pin...y into her tenderrosebud."Oh," said Drew, please don't." My bad'. said Steve as he continued to chat. So, do you like swimming?" I well I don't even own a suit." You don't have a bathing suit?" No," said Drew."Hmmm, well with a body like yours, that's a shame. So pretty and yet noplace to go."Drew was pleased that Steve found her to be desirable.. But, nonetheless, I am sure I can come up with some way to amuse myself at your expense that while it may not be as gratifying as what I had originally hoped for, it will still be as equally excruciating for you, I can assure you. More so as you have thwarted my plans for so long, I promise you.’ He barked orders to his henchmen ‘find that old crone and bring her to me, I want her drawn and quartered and fed to the sharks before she can cause even more trouble for me’ Gabriella threw back her. I don't know if was the next day, I just know that I wake up on ahospital room and the walls were pink, so were the covers that wentfrom my belly up, tubes of some kind came from my wee-wee, and I felt alot of pain there.A nurse came and she gave me water, she used a straw because my handswere still tied, but I saw that I was wearing a pink vest, very softthat had puffy sleeves.I could not sleep again, people came once in a while to check on me,they keep smiling and smiling, one brought me a. Kaisha hovered nearby, recording data on her tablet computer.“The dexterity is really amazing,” she said as she observed him. “I might have to ask the imaging wing to take a scan of your neural activity, we might find out something that could help us with our other patients.” She watched him insert a yellow triangle into its hole, then set the tablet down on the table beside him. “So I talked to Miss Raz earlier today, she told me that she met you at the recreational facility yesterday. She.

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