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. after he got home last night.Argh. Figures that she’s the only one who actually got laid. I was considering a desperate late-night pussy call unti... I got the photos. You finally treat yourself?A gentleman never tells.Both last night and this morning, huh?A gentleman never tells.Did you think about me?A gentleman never tells.Me too. How do you know she’s napping?She’s upstairs.There was no response, so Luke set the phone aside and went back to work. About five minutes later his phone chirped. Ella, she called. I had just finished in the kitchen and I rushed out to her.She looked at me in disgust as I had been so nervous when she called I had forgotten to walk on tippy toe.Uh huh, I see you are forgetting our new rules already!I opened my mouth to defend myself but with the look she gave me I quickly closed it.I want you to stand facing the front door while I inspect the house. Barb walked away. I shuddered, hearing her stilettos hitting the floor as she went to inspect my days work.. There I stood totally naked in front of two 22 year olds. I hadn't done that since college! They both looked at my husband and then me. My lover said "she's all yours boys, just do what she says". The taller one Seth, was first to me as he went straight for my nipples. Ted, the shorter and thiner one, quickly stripped and dropped down to eat of my garden. I backed up and sat on the bed while Ted ate away and Seth took off his clothes. Both young men had average size cocks but I was looking. I was really good at this because of all the years of cheerleading I had done. I was practically spread eagle when Justin’s hand slipped clear into my cunt. Moaning I forgot all about the pain I was feeling below and I focused on Darren’s cock in my mouth. I started to lick his balls, and then suck each and every inch of his cock. Letting out a moan Darren shot his load into my mouth where I swallowed each and every last drop of that lovely cum. Dropping down next to me.

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