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" And so Mac n'Og Tir, Lord of Man and Beasts, created the Killdari whilst bringing to bear his power with that of his brother Aphrae, the Lord of Ear...h and Sky, to create the Waste in which they dwelled.Harsh was this desert waste, relief from the desiccated plateau only being found along the coasts, where one could trade hot, dry air for hot, humid air. Even along the coasts, near oases, or on the few hills and mountains, trees were few and far between, running high to dwarfed palms and fruit. I lick my way down his hard body, falling to my knees before him. I reach for the fly of his pants and in a quick movement remove both his jeans and his boxer briefs. His rigid length is finally released and he breathes a sigh of relief. I spread my lips and suck him into my mouth. I move down his shaft, swallowing all of him. He’s big, but I manage not to gag as I suck my way back up. I’m about to slide my mouth back down when Danny grabs my hair and pulls me from him. He shakes his head,. She was tall and thin, with short dark, almost black hair and a pretty face. She wasn't beautiful but she was definitely pretty, with large brown eyes and large lush lips. Her breasts were good sized, not big or anything but they appeared firm and nicely shaped from the way they looked through the tight blouses she often wore. Her waist was thin, leading down to slightly broad hips. I had always been attracted to her but she was happily married and had a couple of kids so I had just filed her. This evening we’ll celebrate your brother’s rise to become the Chieftain of the Norgar and with it the end of the threat to my country. Of course you will be my guests of honor. I think the more informal ambiance will be better suited to further discuss your wishes. Meyra and Chalissa will join us and you will have a chance to meet the women you claim to be yours.I’ll see you this evening, have a nice day until then; my servants will show you rooms to accommodate all of you,” Leandris dismissed.

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