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‘What was that all about?’ Lisa asked. ‘How do I know?’ Eddie laughed. Eddie and Lisa walked a few more blocks and came to the college. Polic... and FBI jackets were swarming like locusts through the campus and had taped off the entire campus block. Students were milling about on the sidewalk, in seeming stunned confusion. ‘Hey, what’s going on?’ Eddie asked one of the college k**s. ‘Dunno! Cops raided all the dorms this morning. But won’t tell us shit.’ The k** turned to Lisa. ‘Hey! Will’ya. It was so wicked, erotic and exciting that she came as the cock lanced upwards inside her. She bounced up and down on it as she sucked on the man standing in front of her. When the man she was sucking started to pull back from her she got off of the man whose cock she was riding and sat back down on her seat.She had been so hot thinking about her morning train ride that it had been hard to concentrate on her classes. But if she had surprised them that morning, that night she had blown them. Kareem and Marque were very accomplished mat wrestlers who where competing for different weight classes and they seemed to be as thick as thieves, always the first to practice and the last to leave. It was the next week when I noticed that they might be more then just friends.I was put into their group for live drills, which meant I had to take them both on in thirty-second intervals. First it was Jamal and we where both on our feet. We circled each other like to gladiators in the center of. . satisfaction elsewhere.”“Oh.” Henry thought about it for a moment. “Anyway, I still can’t possibly, what would my Libby think? She’s been your best friend since, well, forever.”“Pooh and fiddlesticks,” Audrey scoffed, “We’d be discrete about it, darling, I could get us a hotel room, we could do it over lunchtime or you could miss one of your precious football games. I would be the very model of discretion and Libby will never be any the wiser. Consider it, if you will, as an important and.

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