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Rebecca trat noch einmal kurz unter den Wasserfall um die letzten Reste Seife von ihrem Körper zu spülen, dann stieg sie aus dem Teich ans Ufer mit ...em trockenen Gras. Mit kindlicher Fröhlichkeit rollte sie sich im Gras hin und her bis sie einigermaßen trocken war und ihr Körper etwas von dem Duft der Kräuter angenommen hatte, dann schlüpfte sie in ihr Kleid. Das Kleid war durchaus Körperbetont und nachdem sie den durch mehrere Schlaufen geführten Ledergürtel um ihre schmale Taille festgezogen. You will see."The blonde interrupted, speaking English. "Do you understand English." A little," said Monica. She had just started teaching herself and her class English."I'm Alice. We need you to come with us. Please."Monica nodded. She needed to see what these freakish women were up to.Rosa took her hand, and they all went to her next door neighbors' house, Allisandro and Bonita Diaz. They were in their late sixties. He had run the only store in town, until he sold it a few years ago. Their. The convergence was still days away, but the anticipation was growing nearly unbearable.The memory that there was still one spell component to obtain caused Zoraster to stop and smile. He knew exactly how, and where, to obtain what he needed. The means would also provide some distraction to his new demonic ally."Yes, delightful," Zoraster mused, "I can use both sides; turn the weapons of the gods upon each other to my own ends."A wicked smile on his face, Zoraster left the room and went to set. I didn’t even have a boyfriend until I went away to university ... But what I did have, was fantasy ... We never watched tv at home, we read books. Daddy loved history books and mummy loved fantasy books. I used to go into her bedside table and pick up whatever she had been reading and just sit on the bed and read that. Tolkien, Terry Brooks, Anne McCaffery...” She smiles at the memory.“Then one day I found a book on her bedside table,” she continues, “And I start to read it, and it was.

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