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”“You let me handle that part for you,” she smiled, and Dan slid his left hand under her skirt hem.“This isn’t a very nice part of town, is ...t?” Dan commented about the older condition of the buildings and houses.“No, it isn’t a good part of town, but we have a house that’s cheap to rent, and it’s not too far for us to go to work.”Vicky turned into her driveway, noticing that it was shovelled clear of snow. Dan viewed a bright red Mustang parked in front, also free of snow. Vicky parked the. I parked and entered the dim lit bar and walked up to the bar. I ordered a beer, and spun around to survey the scene.Sipping my beer, i noted there were a few couples, and a handful of single men in the place. Two single ladies sat alone with drinks, one of which was cindi. I sat back and began to think about how i wanted to play this. She occasionally made eye contact with me, but for the most part, she sipped her drink and took in the scene around her.I guess i should tell you how she was. Nothing was too depraved, nothing too perverse for either of our sensibilities and despite it all, or perhaps because of it, we were happy. We travelled. After eighteen years hidden away in her tower, Rapunzel was anxious to see the world. We never spent too long in one place, aware that my ex-employers might still be casting their net for my Mistress although as time passed, I slowly relaxed my guard. Days turned to weeks and weeks to months. Soon we found that a full year had passed since I’d. I didn't feel any kind of passion or excitement but I was very, very happy.We never fooled around outside the bedroom and Denny never made any kind of sexual approach unless we were in the bedroom. All we did outside the bedroom was kiss and in a restrained kind of way.One night I got up on my hands and knees thinking a doggy fuck would be nice but he looked at me strangely and said."That's not how you make love."He seemed amused more than anything but that should have rang warning bells for.

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