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I wanted to shout; thank you God at the top of my lungs. Just as I was about to start breakdancing, Shelly said something that that felt like a punch ...n the face. “We didn’t do anything and we still need to get high, you can’t just take our rocks.” I couldn’t believe how stupid she was; I just wanted to choke her right there on the spot. I looked at Shelly like she was nuts. The dread head behind the table didn’t seem to be the least bit moved my Shelly’s plea “bitch if you want my rocks you. With one hand cupping my balls and the other pulling my ass to keep my cock deep in your mouth, you started to hum deep in your throat and the vibrations almost made me cum. I wanted our first time to be shared so, with great reluctance, I pulled you up as you released my cock with a soft plop. You truly looked disappointed as if you had been robbed of an opportunity to pleasure me. I took you by hand to the bed and we lay down together. As we held each other tightly and kissed, I told you that. The splash soaked Vren even before she fell into the puddle.The splash also masked the noise the three made dropping from the tree.It isn't widely known, but sperm from an ogre will enlarge the cock of an equine (horse) animal to abut three times its size. Balls included.The sperm will also drive those it contacts into high arousal.Vren was a bit too tired for this too have any effect, but the horse was. It went into heat as soon as it got wet.As her head hi the ground, she struggled to stay. ” “Just what! Needed some relief because you never get any action! I can’t believe you, just go back to the campsite without me!” Then I stormed off. “Brian, wait please!” she shouted back in a desperate voice, but to no avail. I didn’t know where I was going. I was so pissed and horny at the same time. This may sound like a good combination, but its not. I had to get some relief somewhere, so I headed for some rocks not to far away where I could jack the feeling of my mom out of my mind. I.

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