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No matter what that decision might be, there would be serious emotional pain and potential adverse consequences. It could affect our future friendship...with the people of Perth. If I stay, my grandfather will not be happy nor anyone in the family. It would be devastating for my grandparents, all three of them, to lose their daughter and her entire family. They have other children and grandchildren but I'm the only grandchild named after my grandfather."Sophie, if she left with us, would be. When I pushed back in, I would do it a little harder. Mum’s hips and arse joined me in perfect unison. I don't know how I held out so long. My cock felt on fire the whole time, with a tremendous prickly sensation. Mum had both her hands on my arse, sort of guiding my speed and motions.Finally we both seemed to feel at the same time that way were both about to climax. I began to thrust into her pussy hard and fast, and Mum’s belly leaped up to meet me. Suddenly she cried out in my ear, "Oh fuck. I picked up the leather paddle and told her to pick the cock she wanted to get fucked by. She immediately touched the only one we had ever used. The one that resembled my cock but vibrated. I smacked her ass with the paddle and said, "Wrong choice." She then reached out and touched her next choice. It was the mocha colored one that is about five inches in length but had a lot of veins. I smacked her ass a little harder and said, "Wrong choice again." There were still two left but they were a. Their regular routines during the week reassured him and settled him, and he defaulted to pursuing his more extreme satisfaction to the weekends, when they had time to play. Not to say that their sex on weeknights was all tame and missionary, although some of it was. He tried not to ask her to do anything, attempting to have his former life and wife back, and allowed her to enjoy the sex without his direction. But at least once during the week he’d get an urge, and tell her he wanted to fuck.

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