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............................Preface.................................This is a lengthy novel comprised of 30+ chapters and 150k+ words.There will be ma...y twists in the story, and will have a climax andending. Many characters will play major roles in the main storyline.Although the story will have many aspects of 'Forced Feminization',main subject would fall into 'Female Domination' and 'Forced Slavery'.Note that there will be dark aspects involving cruelty and sadism.Please do not read this if. That couch was small so i decided to go with her room not thinking or expecting anything to happen. We sat down had a couple of beers and traded horror stories about our marriages.She then told me something i never ever expected from her. She told me one of the reasons she had got divorced was becuase her husband had been unable to satisfy her sexually for many many years. Appartently he had a little weenie and although her fathered c***dren he did not satisfy her. Of course being the ass he is. Boss: now press my legs the rest of the journey.I did as she said and we reached her home.She parked the car. And asked me angrily, “Don’t you have manners, who will open the door.”I got down from the car and opened the car door. Boss, who is my mistress now, said: “Now u ‘ll receive punishment for spoiling my shoe, come on lick my shoe with your tongue and make it clean”.That was a parking lot. I was scared if anybody sees. However, I could not gather the courage to say anything. Mistress. ”As Diana turned away, Jasmine marveled at how young the Clan Queen looked. I’m still amazed that she’s Arlene’s mother. How can she look so young?When told about it, Morales was very interested in the possibility of waffles.Arlene took the waffle iron out of its box as he looked on. “I watched a movie that had a few scenes where the lead characters were camping, and they used a waffle iron over their fire. I’ve wanted to try it ever since the movie, but don’t get your hopes up too high,.

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Heet Malu Iha Nakukun Laran porn videos

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