Indian Muslim Girl Fucked Hard By Her Lover mp4

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A hot Indian Muslim girl has a crush on a neighbor hood guy and soon the girl starts talking with the guy and the two of them start spending their time together after college and meet each other every evening.

One day the guy invites his girl friend to his house as no one is there at his house that day and when his girl friend comes over her boy friend start flirting with his girl friend and soon the couple starts kissing each other.

Indian Muslim Girl Fucks With her boy friend

The boy friend takes his girl friend to his room and the couple start kissing each other on lips and exchanges their saliva as the couple kisses deeply for a long time. After that the boy friend starts pressing his girl friends’s boobs over her bra and then the girl friend starts moaning as he presses and squeezes her boobs.

Then the boy friend starts taking her panties off and kisses her thighs and puts his mouth in her skirt and starts sucking her pussy. After that he removes his head from her pussy and unzips his jeans and starts fucking her in her pussy in missionary style as she moans hard in pleasure as he fuck her hard and crushes her boobs.

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