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Lately, I’ve been suffocating under the burdens of my Islamic faith, Somali culture and the iron-clad rules of tradition. Something had to give. And...the results stunned me. Man have I got a story for you today, dear reader. A little over a month ago, I met this guy named Elijah Morrison. A six-foot-tall, lean and athletic, ruggedly good-looking brother of Jamaican descent who studies criminal justice at the University of Ottawa. I was walking through the Rideau Center and stopped to buy some. Besides, you know that Thursday is Toni’s night at the gym. Sorry girl, but there are just too many coincidences for it to be true. It started when you greeted me on the doorstep, and you lingered just a little too long over that welcoming kiss. Then there was that short, tight little dress and those ‘come fuck me’ shoes. You looked as though you were up for a hot night out, not a quiet evening in with a neighbour. By the time I arrived you had already had a drink or two, and we downed another. Doubt he's served her five times since Christmas and never well."Jessica blew out the lamp and I heard the rustle of clothing as she moved toward the cot on the far wall. The moonlight filtered through the small windows as Susan and I helped each other undress and then rolled into together under her quilts both bare as the day we were born. I did some kissing and some stroking and a bit of nipple nuzzling and when I thought she was ready, spread her knees and rammed it into her. She squealed. Do what, Alliyah? he asked. you know exactly what. i responded. He started laughing. he threw his blunt out the window.and We both climed into the back seat. He took off his shirt. And i rubbed my hand on his 6 pack. He leaned back a little as i licked his chest. I reached down to feel on his sack as i spelled my name on his chest with my tounge. I looked up at him. I could tell he was high. And for some reason it turned me on. He unbuckeled his pants i pulled them down. I blew my warm breath.

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