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"Yes. I never even knew about this place until he was released from prison to die. He had terminal lung cancer. He asked me to take him in, so I did. ... year after he moved into my house he died. I had already quit college to care for him. He always had money, though. No matter how much was needed for food, medicine, whatever, he just wrote a check and that check was always good."He showed me the nugget and the map and told me how he had loaned you ten thousand dollars start up money when your. After a month of thinking hard on it, more afraid to move in that direction due to the innate fear of change than any real objection, she took him up on it. She quit the paper company and soon found herself back at her alma mater. Due to some credits not matching up because of a change in the curriculum, she had three semesters to go. She was able to find a job as a pharmaceutical assistant, the pay was poor, but her older brother was footing a lot of the bill. She got more than a decent amount. The hands increased their grip, ripping painfully into her hair. They moved her head rapidly up and down fucking her mouth like a cunt, cock slapping hard at the back of her throat.Her mouth was hanging open to accommodate the force of the thrusts of the cock. In, out, up, down, again and again and again. The force and intensity was so fast she was unaware of anything else around her. Just her face being fucked, used by this stranger. She was nothing, a hole to be used over and over and over. A. ”I tilted my head up and knitted my brows, “Excuse me? I’m sorry; I believe you have the wrong person.”“No, it’s okay. He would always be so happy when he was going to see you. And when he came home after, he would beam.” Her eyes glistened and a tear fell accompanied by a sniffle.“I… I didn’t know.” A lump formed in my throat and my eyes burned.“Yes.” She wiped the tear away. “I was so glad for him. Oh, he loved you so much, dear.”“Mrs… I.” The burning turned into relief as tears spilt and my.

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