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I am neeraj, 20 years and my mother name is archana, she is 36 years old. Archana means worship. Yes, my mother’s beauty and her assets are worshipe.... I dont know my father name, she doesnt told me. I am living with my mother in beautiful village in kerala. We both are staying in a house alone which is in river bed. I too dont asked my father’s name, because i was not saw him once. I am now finished my diploma and working as qc check in manufacturing industry. My mother is tailor and now has a. If he managed to hold the front of the log clear so it didn't dig into the ground, it slid fairly easily on the slick surface. Inside, maneuvering the log onto rocks to support it so he could cut out planks was a bitch, but with the help of a thick limb for a pry bar, he managed.When the log was in position, he paused for a drink of cool water, the sweat pouring off his body because of the exertion, heat and humidity. Glancing at his now calloused hands, he realized that the work he had done. Helen loves to dance, but I hate it."Dan lied; he loved to dance. Helen knew he was lying and wondered what he was up to, but all of a sudden she didn't care. She wanted to have fun, be loose and uninhibited.She got to her feet. "Come on, honey," she said, reaching out for Tom. "The master has spoken." She pulled him in tight the minute he got up. "Go mix more drinks, Dan. I want to be alone with my young stud."Dan grinned and gathered up the glasses. He stood just outside the door. We went into a bedroom that had a small love seat at the foot of a bed and a large TV mounted on the wall in front of the seat. He told me to have a seat and make myself comfortable so I plopped down and stretched out as he was putting a movie on. It was Bi Sex scenes, and he asked if that was ok and I sad "OH YES" he chuckled and said he figured it would be the moment he saw me at the park. He pulled off his shirt and sat beside me. He was tanned and had one of those large, round bellies.

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