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Next I put on my collar, penis gag, blind fold, and finally the hardest thing to put on, my wrist cuffs that were already cuffed together. Finally the...e was nothing left to do but wait. Time crawled by. Where was L? When will she come and get me? Finally the door to garage opened.?Are you sure you want to do this?? L asked me.I shook my head and agree as best as I could from behind my gag.I felt my panties being pulled down to my thighs and then felt the tug as L connected my leash on to. And so when Penny turned to deal with him, Hogan was ready to consider being submissive. Penny said severely, ‘Hogan I want you to stop harassing Melissa. You may not be aware but she was severely traumatized in a town park by thugs.’ ‘That was three years ago, according to what I was told,’ Hogan said. ‘It’s time for Melissa to snap our of it and to resume looking for a husband as nature intended.’ ‘Damn you Hogan,’ Penny thundered. ‘You are asking for a severe clip over the ear.’ Hogan rose. I called a meeting of every one of our employees, that worked on the project, to ask their thoughts on how we did it. Could we have done it better, faster, easier, things they would want to change if we did it again? Any changes to the house or pontoons? Linda, Leta, and Clawdy were writing, as fast as they could. I took a stack of hundreds, and gave each of Jimmy's kids two, and told them "We were taking them to the city, for a shopping trip tomorrow." "I want you girls to know, that we. Meri tujhse yeh request hai ki Priti ko yeh malum nahi hona chahaye ki mai tujhse chudwati hoon.Priti mujhe bahut manti hai aur mai uski nazro mai girna nahi chahati hoon.Rahul tu bhale kuch bhi galliya de mujhe raja mai tujhse kabhi naraz nahi rakhungi.Yaha tak Rahul ki Amar se jyada mai dil hi dil mai tujhe apna pati maan chuki hoon.Shadi Amar se hui hai meri lekin mare dil mai sirf tu hai Rahul,bol kya ab bhi tu teri Neha jaan se naraaz hai?kya ab bhi tu mujhe chorke jayega Rahul?”Inspite of.

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