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"Ready for college, Tyler?"I stuttered, of course, and gave some sort of answer."Too bad they don't grade these classes double, or something, you know... Like, an A in here counts four eight points instead of four? That way the valedictorian isn't somebody from non-AP." The valedictorian is always in AP," I countered, though I don't know how I managed not to stutter."Just the right kind of people, right? Are you shooting for it?"I was. Not intentionally, not at first. My Freshman year, I was. As she collapsed on top of me, her lips found mine. Her pussy was still contracting and around my cock, as if still trying to milk the cum from me.After a few minutes just laying there kissing and cuddling I needed relief so rolled her over on to all fours. By now we were across the bed her facing the window with me stood behind her. After tasting her extremely wet pussy I slid in. My hands now on her ass spreading her cheeks looking at her gorgeous ass as my cock slid into her. I was really. My hand ran all over her body and vice versa. I was wearing my jeans while she was in her under-wears. I was pressing her boobs and her ass and she was running her hand over my dick over my jeans.I broke the kiss and smooch her all over the body. She was moaning with high pleasure. She was totally wet down there and my dick is oozing out precum. I slowly unhooked her bra and kept on playing on her boobs with the bra on with my tongue. Meanwhile, she removed my jean button and I kicked my jean. "Truth is you just never know," Peter said. He had no idea what difference it made, but he was not going to allow her to intimidate Trish either.Trish was back behind the wheel of the Lincoln when she said, "I think she is lying." Hell they are probably all lying. This trip was all about gathering information. What we do with it once we analyze it, is where the art comes in," Peter said."I have a feeling that you aren't kidding. You have a feel for this shit don't you?" Trish asked."Well I have.

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