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She introduced herself as Dr. Baumer, we made some small talk to get to know each other, and she started taking down my medical history. Before she be...an the examination, she stopped and asked me in a sincere and professional manner if I had any issues at all with being examined by a woman, since it would possible for me to come back in two weeks to see my regular doctor. I said no thanks, I just wanted to get it over with. She started to go through the usual physical examination routine (ears,. " --- said Sam with a smile --- "Just without the boy part. You know, all that's true."--- "Maybe I should say that every boy in school *can* have me." --- she said.--- "Yeah, and add something about who owns your ass." --- said Hank.Lilly though for a second and started to undress. She went down on her knees and placed hand behind her head.--- "I am worthless. I am a horny slut, who will fuck anybody. I'm a tramp. Any boy can just slap me around, and fuck me. Every boy in school can have me.. I had never seen anything like it in all my life.This masked stranger explained all the ins and outs of dogging, ranging from cars flashing their lights to mean different things, to how many people turned up and on what night. Occasionally, she would stop by some of her favourite 'wankers', and help them out. She'd use her hands and mouth, or just let them explore her body until they came on her.She stopped by what looked to be a Range Rover and opened the back door. She peeled her cum covered. Heather went over to her.“Hey I’m Heather what’s your name?”“I’m Yujin I just transferred in.” She said in pleasant tone.“I thought you must be new. What grade you in?”“7th grade I’m 13.”“Wow I would have sworn you were 11 or 12.”“Yeah I look you for my age.”“Yeah”“Well I got to get to class”“Ok see you.”Yujin walked away and Heather walked back over to Jessica.“What was that?” Jessica asked.“God Damn she is HOT!!!”“You thinking what I think your thinking?”“I think we should get her in on our.

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