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’ Probingly I asked, ‘Is there someone in particular that you are speaking of?’ ‘Oh no, they’re all pretty good-looking. Most of them are ...ocal college students and I saw a number of the men that were really well put together. I can’t believe you didn’t notice that hot little Chicana that was serving drinks on the beach!’ ‘Jeez, I’m kinda surprised to. It wasn’t ’cause I wasn’t looking.’ ‘Well I’ve got the really tall one that was serving me drinks coming over tomorrow to give me a. We started together about 6 months ago. The theater had just reopened after being closed for a couple years, was a pretty old building, dating back to the late 1800s when the town was doing much better. It was only open Wednesday thru Saturday, and I came in Saturday and Sunday mornings to help Bill clean. When we were ahead of schedule we’d explore a little, the place was huge, backstage, and a 4-story tower with dressing rooms, etc. the place had done it all in entertainment, concerts, plays,. I was drying myself down but had developed one of those uncontrollable hard-on’s which only teenagers can identify with. It was rock hard and throbbing. It looked like bursting. The head was a bright red! Her eyes fixated. She didn’t apologise but just kept staring and smiled.“Wow! I miss you Brian”, she said. “Mom told me that you were growing into a young man and now I can see what she meant. I love your ‘willy’, especially when its so hard, and just wish I had one. Can I touch it?”.I smiled. “Keep nursing, Gianna, I’m going to check your bottom and put more aloe on.”Alonso’s warning was enough to let me relax into Kiera as I felt the cool gel being smeared on my ass. It felt a lot better than it had when I went to sleep, but it was still sore. I kept suckling as his hands left my ass and I heard him give Vivi the same warning.A couple of minutes later I heard him clear his throat. “Once you are done draining Kiera’s breasts, you can go back to your rooms and get dressed for the day.

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