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She needs no introduction--the past few months have been nothing but prelude--but, of course, that's not possible."Yeah, I guess we sorta skipped that...part. Nice to meet you." His brown eyes meet her blue ones, and they both stand still for a moment, holding hands.Gavin's eyes are the first to break contact, sliding down to the front of her bathing suit, and then twitching guiltily away.Good."You want to come inside and clean up a little bit? I can see if I have a band-aid that matches the one. " I looked over at her, she'd pulled the zip down on her chinos and exposed her dark monogrammed bush and her pink clit. "Oh put it away before we end up in a ditch." Lena grinned and zipped herself back up. We drove on through the sun-streaked lanes until we reached Hascombe Castle. The place was teeming with people and the car park was packed. We drove round and round until finally someone vacated their space and let us in. It was no surprise that on such a warm sunny day as this, that the. She wasn’t quite comfortable repeating the other part of what they had done the first time, but Candi was working on her. As Dan, he also hung around with Andy at school and at some of the college hangouts. Andy had introduced him to another of the cross dressers he knew, but for the most part, Dan kept the two parts of his life separate, as did Andy. Although he was still wearing mostly women’ s jeans or slacks when dressed as Becca, he had bought a couple of skirts and one dress, but had yet. Throw in the scent of her perfume — recently reapplied to conceal our vivid individual odors just a few minutes ago in the elevator — plus the sounds she made while sucking my cock and I was getting close to sensual overload. Not that I was complaining, mind you. Dinner had been a confusing mix of conflicting and exciting sexual feelings. It also felt like a long time ago. Was it really only an hour or so? Since then, we had rushed back to my building, fucked in the elevator, got into my.

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