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" "Thank you, Aunt Joan." The words seemed so empty compared to how Iactually felt. What I really wanted to do was hug her, but it didn't feelright wh...le still in my wet clothes."You're welcome, Bobby." Aunt Joan ran her fingers through the back of myhair. "When you've washed and changed, come back into Cori's room."Once Aunt Joan closed the door behind her, I stripped off my clothes andtossed them into the hamper. After climbing into the tub, I slowly sliddown into the bubbles, being careful. She kept on going that she was never satisfied with him.He ejaculates in a minute. Never licked her pussy, fucks only in missionary position and then goes to sleep. And now she started crying. I felt so bad for her. A sexy lady like her doesn’t deserve this. I thought I should make a move. I told her, “ I’m going to show you some pics. But don’t tell anyone.”I had my dick pics in my cell. So I opened it and showed to her. She was shocked to see it. She angrily asked me what nonsense is this? I. Melville, who had been standing in the doorway, now happily follows behind. Why are we doing this again? I ask myself as Nimrod waves me to a seat next to him. He gives me a soothing kiss on the head and strokes down my back. I sigh into his hand. I think I can do this.I look over at Godiva, she has a quizzical look on her face. Like she just noticed a picture is crooked or something. I smile across the table at her. Melville, to my right, clears his throat as if he wishes to say. "Ok", she said and walked up the stairs. I walked over to the tv. "Nice, she has free cable. Huh, I wonder", I said and turned it on. I searched until I found something good. A nice porno. I turned the volume down and sat on the couch. In about ten minutes, and after I had a very nice hard-on, she came back down. "Here you go", she said handing my coke to me. I took a sip, and immediately knew something was wrong. "Huh, thats wierd. Naomi, whats in this"? I asked. " Just coke... and a little.

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