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Soon Kala and Jessie arrived, and we started eating dinner. We always had enough food, and no one ever went away from the table hungry. During dinner,...we also had the tradition that the kids, while camping could partake in some alcohol. Each had a wine cooler, and Jessie and Kala shared a bottle of inexpensive wine, since they were the oldest girls it was special for them. Normally, you would sit at the picnic table, but, there was so much food and things, and lack of tables, everything was put. Soon he returned with the promised drinks. I took several huge gulps of mine and lit a cigarette. I then put the drink down and got back up on the table. I slowly pulled down my bikini bottom until my cock bounced out. I swayed to the music, my erect cock dancing about as well. Tom was seated on the couch and was starting to rub his cock through his pants. “No need to be shy, darling,” I said. “Why not take that cock out and let it be free?” Tom chuckled and unzipped his fly. He pulled down the. “A little appetizer before the main meal. I love to suck cock and swallow, don’t I Dan?”“You certainly do honey!”Cheryl wasn’t going to be outdone shifting, her nice ass sideways, went down on Dan’s cock. Claudia stroked Ian’s cock as the three watched her head moving up and down.“I love watching other women give Dan a blow job!” She whispered, stroking his cock.Camille left them to eat their meal and checked several times to ensure everything was satisfactory. “Finger your pussy for Camille,”. To aunty fir se mera me chipak gaya and lund hai ki manta nai sala fir khada ho gaya.To mai v kya karta jagha na hone ke karan mai usi terha khada raha. Tavi laga jaise mera lund par chuch chal raha hai and jub gor se dekha to aunty hath se lund ko tatol rahi thi and fir lund ko pakad kar masal diya and tatolti rahi. Jub mujh se control nai hua to mai ne aunty se dhire se puch ye aap kya kar rahi ho.To wo kuch nai boli and sirf ghur kar dekha and hath ab v lund par he tha.Fir jub aunty ka stop.

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