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At night after dinner, I went to our room asked her, “Did you shave?”Yasika: No, I don’t know how.Me: Do you need any help?Yasika: Will you help... please?Me: Okay, remove your dress.She removed her skirt and panty.Me: Remove your top too.Yasika: Why?Me: You have hair in your armpits, right? Let’s remove it first.She removed her top, and there is nothing but her bra on. I told her to sit on the chair and raise her hand. She did it just as I said. Oh my God, I have a hard-on. I can’t control. I arched my own back and worked my trousers downward, so free myself of the constraints. My manhood was not more easily accessible. She raised up and then repositioned herself in front of my lap. I could feel the wetness of her pussy as she slid it along the backside of my tool. She gently held the head of my cock between her fingers, preventing penetration, but teasingly bringing me to a massive orgasm. I shot my load all over her hand and the floor in front of us.She slipped off of from my. Padma stood up to remove her mangal sutra and as she did so, I told her ‘I WANT TO SEE YOU LIKE THOSE GODDESSES IN THE MOVIES YOU GAVE ME’. ‘how?’ she asked, and I continued ‘ I WANT TO TAKE SOME PICS OF YOU WEARIN SEXY CLOTHES, AND THEN SLOWLY REMOVE THEM TO UNVEIL YOUR NATURAL BEAUTY’. She was so proud on hearing this. She said ‘STRIP TEASE – PERFECT’ and walked towards the cupboard. I and Suresh watched her while I held my cock and Suresh was rubbing his chest and cum was dripping out of his. Tyler. I'll let him know you're here.” As she informed the head of the firm via the intercom that his first appointment of the day had arrived, she was distinctly aware of the fact that Jacob was crouched under her desk, with a perfect view her legs and probably right up her skirt. At that thought, she allowed her legs to part just a little further. She was no exhibitionist, but the idea that Jacob had such an intimate view of her was causing quite an effect on her excited nether regions..

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