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"What's going on?" Jody asked with a grin of her own.Greg lowered his face to his daughter's and they kissed. Their tongues slid between one another's...lips and Kris moaned into her daddy's mouth."Wow! You two are sure turned on!" Bill said, exchanging a glance with the rest of the family."Yeah, I think you two want to fuck," Matt said."We do!" Greg said, breaking off the torrid kiss."Then I say you should go for it," Maureen said, flashing a warm smile at her husband."That's just what we intend. Then she said she’d been out to a pharmacy to get something for her cold and as she waked back she’d seen me walk out across the car park with Alf. She’d seen us kiss and then I drove off naked in my car. I realised I had virtually done what Jodie had dared me to do. If I’d earned those points, I could have dared her something real nasty or crazy. I did wondered if she knew what had taken place how many points she’d give me. My car did make it home on the fuel and I was still talking to her as. After all the excuses and other crap, it boiled down to one phrase. I slept with Sean because I wanted to and I continued the affair because I could. This is the one thing that Phil, my counselor, and I finally figured out. I knew that you loved me without any reservations. You had always tried to give me anything and everything I wanted. Over time I came to believe that if it was what I wanted than it was ok. In retrospect, I had become a completely selfish person. My wants and desires took. Finally she was ready to talk."Have you ever been to Nebraska?" Through it a bunch of times. We did stop in Omaha, but not in Lincoln." You know most of it's totally flat." Yeah." You know why?"Mike shook his head."It used to be ocean ... kinda like an inland waterway going between the two halves of North America. That's why they've got so many marine fossils from there. There's places you can dig up clamshells from the Cretaceous period."Mike said nothing, wondering where Ruthie was going with.

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