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"Mint tea!" The youth returned bearing a tray upon which two glasses of green liquid suffused with aromatic leaves steamed gently."Your English is ver... good," Mark noted. "Where did you learn to speak it so well?" My English not so good but I learn watching TV."He put the tray onto a small table and sat opposite Mark with a broad grin on his unshaven face."I am Hassan," he said and raised his glass in salute."It's better than my Turkish," Mark smiled and told him his name after a careful sip of. He told me to let him sit down in the chair, because he wanted to use the mouse by himself.As he started to view one of those videos, he commented about how much I really was a big black cock slut. He then just reached out and put his fingers in my wet pussy again. He laughed, saying I was wet as a real slutty white married bitch…He looked at me serious, ordering me to get out of my sexy dress and show him what kind of slut I really was…I had no other choice; so I just did what he asked,. .maybe onto something here. for a penny, in for a pound. . spread the cheeks apart. there it is..a little puckered hole..clean. tip of the tongue. dart it..hit and run. hmm..that was electric...sniff it and then do it it again linger, again. lick it, hold your tongue against it...oh ho ho..finally..time to take the finally plunge...literally..spread the cheeks a little more..stroke it with your finger..more wriggling from Mrs. lower stick your tongue way out, pointed like a. She pauses, waiting for a response from the draenei. Felias, my name is Felias. It is very nice to meet you as well. She reaches down, her hand closing around the tiny hand of the gnome, shaking it very gently, finally feeling like she was going to be able to fit in with this area. It looks like we found a new friend, Impy! the gnome says excitedly as she looks up at that imp on her side, which seemed to be only a few inches taller than herself. Felias eyes the creature, not having seeing such.

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