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She loved the way he made her feel. She had never experienced anything like that before. Up until last night, she had done nothing more than kiss boys...and felt their fumbling hands on her. Lexi could remember every detail of the evening before. When her daddy started kissing and pulling at her nipples, she remembered the warmth, as her pussy started to swell. She now fingered herself intensely, as she imagined her father kissing and licking her clit. She climaxed so hard reliving this in her. “Oh Pablo give me your cum, fill me up I’m so close.” Hearing this Pablo started to pump faster and faster giving her his full length on every thrust and grinding down on her clit on every other thrust. She could feel the orgasm building up from deep inside her. He could sense how close she was from the build up of sound coming from her. She got louder and louder till she climaxed and held her hips up off the bed and squirted her cum over his cock. Her pussy clenched and sucked his stiff cock. As I said once in a evening we were chatting about sex amongst friends and the sky was getting darker since I had a Yamaha I had to rush back before getting struck in the rain and I had to drop Ramesh a good friend of mine at his home and come back home then which is another 15 KM. We were just going to Ramesh’s place on the way we had fun singing teasing etc… Ramesh has a sister studying in 12th standard she talks to me with a good sense and by the same time she is very close and shares all of. .....not at the moment."I think she could guess where this was going."So you can take it off whenever you like?" Yes." Why don't I be your key holder," I stated boldly.This time the pause was longer and I could see her thinking, after allthis was the second time she had met me. Maybe I would take the keys andnever return. She seemed to come to a decision because she disappearedinto the bedroom returning a few seconds later and handing me a key."Come on! Most padlocks come with three keys."She.

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