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And her financial resources were quickly dwindling. Saving money had never been her strong suit. Then she had talked to her friend Jenny who lived in ...he same apartment building. Over drinks she blurted out all her problems and almost broke into tears when she admitted that she wasn't even sure where she would we get next month's rent. That's when Jenny told her about Mr. Smith, the wealthy business man who owned the apartment building. Apparently be had a certain . . . proclivity towards the. Tom smiles at me and opens a bag he has brought back with him from his escapades. "Close your eyes babe." I do so and feel a cold, heavy circle of metal close around my neck. "Look." I go to the dresser mirror and admire my new gift. Tom has bought me a chain collar with a heart padlock pendant. "Thank you." I kiss him and feel our bodies press together, his tented jeans obvious while the scent of my wet cunt permeates the room. Tom moves his mouth down my body before pushing me back on the bed. I think we all know that.”Dave said, “I was resigned at that point last night, but amazingly that moment passed somewhere in the middle of the night.”“Huh? What do you mean?” Alice asked. Pam looked puzzled, too.“I’m over the hump because of what the three of you did to protect my feelings. Alice you set up the bait and switch; I’d given you permission, yet you were still sensitive to my needs and concerns. I had worried that you wouldn’t love me and that Owen would sweep you off your feet. In. I brazenly took advantage of her concern by accenting the movement with an open mouth, trying to make contact with her right breast. I moved my lips over the part that was peeking out above the open neck of her dress and I was almost certain that my chest was rubbing against her panties as we rocked. Her hands moved on my back and clutched my shoulder blades tightly. Her butt seemed to move even closer and I could smell her musky scent of arousal. Mrs. P suddenly clamped her legs together.

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