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I began posting my stories online too to make up for my fantasies. Then I got an email from Bobby. He appreciated my stories. I sent him an email line –"Are you interested in fucking my wife?"From there we developed a new unheard relation. At first he thought I was joking, then when he agreed I was reluctant – could I trust a stranger? But the lust was above all and I decided to trust him. We soon fixed a meeting place and got to know each other putting the fears to rest. We developed. ‘ dachte ich bei mir. Nach einer Minute kam Alexa zurück und setzte sich wieder. Sie kramte aus ihrer Hosentasche einen kleinen Gegenstand heraus, den ich nicht sofort sehen konnte. Dann ging ihre Hand zum Mund und erst da erkannte ich, was sie darin hielt. Es war ein knallroter Lippenstift. Damit zog sie sich über die Lippen und färbte diese satt ein. Alexa legte den Stift auf den Tisch und nahm die Dose in die Hand. Sie führte die Dose nun ebenfalls an ihre Lippen und machte einen perfekten. ’ She lifted herself off the desk and strode over to the whiteboard. ‘Can someone name for me a part of the male anatomy? Anything?’ Silence. The students threw each other cautious glances, none of them eager to go first. ‘Hmmm? Anyone…yes?!’ Michael looked over his shoulder. A girl with glasses and a ponytail was nervously lowering her hand. ‘Um, the p-penis?’ She suggested. A handful of snickers and giggles swept the room, but Ms. Chatte seemed delighted. ‘Good! Yes, penises.’ She quickly. So, I was alone when I got to my locker. Clarissa was alone at hers, getting some books out. She looked my way and although she couldn’t flash me her wonderful smile, she didn’t need to—I saw everything she was feeling right there in her eyes. I nodded, barely noticeable and her lips turned up in the corners in the merest hint of a smile before she closed her locker and left.This was going to be tough.I opened my locker and a slip of paper fell to the floor at my feet. I bent to pick it.

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