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’ Laughing down at her Josh shook his head, ‘That’s my Kat, ever the escape artist.’ Touching his cheek with her hand, feeling the stubble she...whispered, ‘Are you going to talk for the next couple of hours out here, or are you going to take me upstairs and make love with me.’ Stepping back he held out his hand for her to take, and walking together they went up the path to the door, where she stood as he took out his key and opened it up, allowing her to enter, to go up to where she felt safe,. Mrs. Baldwin came outside to supervise the seating arrangements in the car, insisting that three of us sit in the front and three in the back. Jeannie lost out and had to sit in the front seat with Jessica and me. But when Cindy volunteered to sit on Peter's lap, Jessica stopped the car a block from the Baldwin home and let Jeannie move to the back seat. Cindy happily climbed onto Peter's lap and Jeannie took her place next to Josh. Being alone in the front seat with Jessica made me feel older,. I wanted to watch to see what it looked like.Lilly laid on the bed, with a towel under her. She opened her legs and I watched as mom got between her legs and got up close to Lilly’s cunt. She reached her hand out and gently pulled the tampon from Lilly’s bloody cunt. When it came out, it looked nasty. It was a deep red in color, but I didn’t care.Mom looked at it and I thought she was going to vomit. I said, “Just put it in your mouth whore and suck it clean. If you get sick, you’ll lick it up. The room was so small that his TV and VCR was mounted on the wall.We all sat in his bed, and he put the movie. Silence, no one said a word for the first 10 minutes of the movie. One of my friends, the funniest one, was trying to make jokes about it but the girls told him to shut up…the movie went on…silence in the small room.The whore girl broke the silence! Hey guys, let’s play strip poker! My friend told her, I don’t have cards! One of the girls asked what Poker was…the inspired whore girl.

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