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" Mbinga replied with dignity.He turned the girl over onto her belly and hauled her up off the ground so she was kneeling on all fours. Her arms gave way and her head and shoulders sank back to the ground. Mbinga knelt behind her and brought his organ out from his loincloth.He didn't bother to undo her wrists, but cut away the bindings on her ankles and spread her legs apart. Now her knees started to give way. His hands slid around her waist and held her steady for a moment, then,. It’s clear you don’t have a problem with this, am I right?”“None at all. I’m really glad the two of them are together at last, I’ve been hoping for it for years, especially since they’ve gotten into adolescence.”“I agree, and I’m really glad you feel that way. I assume Melanie is on the pill or something?”“Thanks for asking, and yes, she is. I managed to get her on even before she became sexually active.”“Does that mean Tom has the benefit of an experienced woman?”“Well, not that experienced.. .. before licking it while it fades to black.” There's another beat of nothing but the adult alternative station playing on my stereo. Whatever song it is, it doesn't match the mood. It's so thick, I'd imagine if someone were to walk in right now, they'd feel it. She just keeps looking at me with those eyes and that smirk. I can't help but keep locked with her gaze; like she could leap up and either kill me or fuck me any second now. I'd imagine she's not used to this much control, considering. But she didn't hate it either. And she loved what it was doing to Tony.He was moaning and gasping. She felt his balls contract up and his cock expand. He grabbed her hair, knowing he was going to come at any second, not wanting to put her off by coming in her mouth. "Darling, Helen, Oh god" was the only vocal warning he could manage.Instead of pulling away as he expected, Helen continued her assault, sucking slightly harder and deeper. With a shouted grunt, Tony let go. All the built up tension.

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