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" Would a massage help?" It would, but then I'd either want to make love to you or take a nap, and preferably both in that order. So maybe I'd better ...ust settle for the shower for now. You wouldn't believe how hot and sweaty and stinky you can get under the set lighting."As she walked away heading for the bathroom, Dave realized Shae was a bit on the grumpy side today -- but it was when she was talking about the studio -- maybe things weren't going as well there as she let on. There was. ”We had already bought diapers and baby clothes, but skipped formula, as Kate’s large boobs had already started to lactate. She brought the baby to one of them and was able to get her to latch on without trouble.“Ooh, ha...” Kate gasped. “Feels weird...” Then she looked down at my crotch. “Enjoying the view, are you?”I looked down. My cock was hard. “Um ... huh...” I mumbled, embarrassed.“I won’t be able to do much about that for the next few weeks, mister, but when the time comes, you’re gonna. I pressed my hand down the front of them, and touched myself while he stared." No." Yes. And then I wriggled out of them, and started on his pants. I could see the huge bulge in them, and I knew he must have been uncomfortable, so I just unbuttoned them, and got him to lift his ass of the couch while I pulled his jeans down off his legs. His cock peeked out the top of his briefs, so I removed those as well."When I clambered back where I had been, things were more than a little different. I. So wet. So inviting. Unable to resist the enticing opening any longer, I began sliding my arm in and out of her. A few snorts were released as I gradually increased the speed of my thrusts. By the time a lustful whinny was produced, I was ferociously fisting her equine pussy. Her vaginal walls were now tightly gripping my arm and I could tell by her shivers that she was nearing climax. Sure enough, a powerful whinny was soon released. As it echoed throughout the prairie, her pussy came to life..

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