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So ... that being said, let's eat, and let the rest of the evening more or less take care of itself. Everyone ok with that?"I sat down next to mom, re...ched out, fondling her "covered" breast. "I think I need to make amends to this one," I said smiling at her. "If you'd let me," I then added to that."I'd like that. In fact ... I'd enjoy that very, very much," she said similarly reaching over, her hand on my upper thigh briefly, and then quickly, far too quickly in fact, giving my now rock hard. She stopped at a gas station and after filling the Suburban she went into the restroom to change. She was hot! The trip through the store and then the encounter with the man had her almost dripping and she sat down on the toilet and began fingering herself. Fucking her hot pussy with her fingers, rubbing her clit while thinking of actually being on her knees sucking off that man in the changing booth got her off in only minutes. She washed her hands, changed out of her "slut suit" and headed. ’ Her eyes widened in surprise as my mouth descended on hers. A squeaky moan resonated in the back of her throat as a shudder shot through her. She lifted her hands to put them around me, but I captured her wrists and held them at her sides, never breaking the kiss. I didn’t use any force to hold them there, but my hands on her arms kept her from moving them. She whimpered into my mouth, but kissed me harder. She began to writhe in my grip, rubbing her body against mine however she could. I had. The arrived after midnight in two cars. Mary and I had just finished an edition of any young man's sexual fantasy and I was flaked out, hard asleep, but no longer hard anywhere else.Mary was in the bathroom taking a shower when the goons arrived in front of the house in Ochnee. They managed to jimmy the front door open without making enough noise to disturb anyone. This was when Mary shut off the water in the shower, so they didn't hear her in there when they came into our bedroom. They had.

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