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I opened the first door, where we kept our coats and other things for storage. I heard loud screams from inside the office."Andy hunny, make me cum. P...ease ma- fuuuuuucccckkkkkk" a women shouted.It was inevitable this would happen. I knew how much of a player Andrew was. I peered into the gap in door to see who it was he was 'doing'. I saw long curly locks and knew right away it was Brittany, the receptionist. I was surprised at what happened next. Andrew slipped his wet, dripping cock out of. I hear a moan above me. “Mmmmmmmmmmm.” again I do that. Robert has decided that if Jason is going to get his dick sucked off then he was going to bang my pussy hard and deep, as he shucked off his clothes quickly. I hadn’t realized this until I felt Roberts fingers delve into all my wetness, slowly putting in 3 fingers, getting them really wet and taking them out to rub on his 6 inches and very very thick rod that was jutted outward. He did this until his cock was wet then slowly pushed it in. I licked her cunt furiously as she squirmed and let out little bursts of air from her mouth sometimes not breathing for a few seconds.She raised her ass off the bed and I had to follow her as she cried out.By doing that it allowed me to lick deeper inside her pussy.My lips were in her pussy she was so wide open.She was yelling out as I felt warm fluid rush into my mouth and I licked and sucked as fast as I could.My chin was dripping with her sweet nectar and she slowly lowered her ass back. It’s my fault. I should have taken responsibility and stopped you. I’m sorry.”“I’m not. I wanted it. And so did you. You can’t deny that, I’m still full of your cum.”He winced at that.“The fact that you’re my biological father is a technicality. You didn’t know until this morning. It’s not like you’ve bounced me on your knee since I was a baby and now you’ve seduced me.“To me, being a father is not about blood and genes, it’s about being a family, being there for your kids. You didn’t even know.

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