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I cuffed my wrists behind my back then moved to the pole. I stood up on my toes and tried to impale myself on my makeshift cock. Immediately, I felt r...lief. It was too tall. I could not’t get on. I realized that I was actually scared. As, I was standing naked handcuffed behind the building, the relief turned to disappointment. I started looking around and saw some cardboard boxes against the building. I walked over and picked up a box behind my back and carried it to the pole then did the same. First they caught the other new girl, who stays in my room and asked about her personal things, and asked to sing, dance etc, after Sangeeta introduced me to the girls. One of the girls asked about my bra size, I fell shy, another girl squeezed my breast and said wow it's wonderful, and all other girls asked me to take of my nightie. I was helpless and I obey there order, and take off my nightie I was wearing pink colour bra and panties which is very suitable for my colour, Sangeeta asked take. " Sheila told him to do a couple of more curtseys. After he didthree she said, "That is better, but get a little lower when youcurtsy and put your foot back a little further. Now, you disobeyedsomething I told you. You complained about the corset, you now haveten days to think about it coming off. Do you want to go fortwenty?" He said, "I wasn't complaining. I was only telling you how itfelt. Can't I even say my feelings to you?" She said, "You tell your feelings to me but that was a. "Now for les pieces de la resistance! Just whatour fine feather friends need!"Anna presented two incredible butt plugs. She handed one to Maria andordered us to bend over and spread our legs."These are as amazing a feat of engineering as they are exotic," exclaimedMaria. "I can't wait to see how the entire effect looks! Open wide mydears. This is quite a plug."Maria undid the center strap between my cheeks and, thankfully, thoroughlylubed my sissy pussy. The plug, although quite long, went in.

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