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" he said, sliding off the bed and pulling her with him.She gave a puzzled cry, until he positioned her near the edge of the bed, spread her legs from...his kneeling position and tasted her for the first time. Then she was quiet, with a look of concentration on her face.He tongued her vaginal opening, swirling round and round, then the inner lips, finishing with the lightest touch of her clitoris. She jumped and then humped her pelvis to push against his tongue, but he pulled back keeping the. Out of her nightstand. While I was fingering her ass hole, she played with her clit. She even slit some fingers in her cunt. Mom made some brilliant close ups. I stuck in a second finger, then a third one and after a while she was ready to receive something bigger: My overly hard cock. She even asked me, or better said, pegged me to ass fuck her. The good brother I was, I did as I was told.So I slid my dick in her tight hole. Gently. Slowly. To give her time to adjust. She fell for it. Began to. The two of us are always there for you. Don't cry."She winds her arms around me, holding me in a warm embrace."Oh, I know, you and your sister are with me, but, I just miss him so much." We all do, mum, but we have to learn to survive, to live, without him. Now come on, let's get you to bed,"I say as I lay her down on her bed, cover her with a thin sheet and put her to sleep. I give her a peck on her cheek and quietly leave her room, only to bump into my annoying sister, taking both of us. " Well, here we are!" Jill laughed. "I don't feel like a predator though." Me neither," I sighed. "I feel like roadkill." Heh!" Jill grinned at me. "That reminds me, time for what's her name's fix." You didn't think of a name yet?" I looked at Jill and she threw popcorn at me."Nope. I was thinkin' like Courtney. You like that name?" She threw another one, aiming for my open mouth, but missed and it bounced off my chin."It's okay I guess." It's like Hole," Jill laughed. "You wanna feed her, or.

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