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I drove the car towards the college in Medchal, it was an unpopulated area and there were not many people or shops there. I parked the car in the dark...Me: Deepthi, go to the back seat of the car. I will come there.Deepthi: Ok.We both went to the backseat of the car. For our luck, the rain intensified and there was fog cover all over the car glass. Wow, I remembered the Titanic movie scene where the hero and heroine make love inside the glassed vehicle. Once we were in the back seat, she opened. Sex is centered on my satisfying her and that is the only objective. We do have sex frequently but it's usually my eating her pussy; it's the only sexual compliment she pays me, “You know how to eat a cunt”. Sex usually occurs when she comes home from work. She comes in and says “Let's go!” and I make my way up stairs where she stips off her pantyhose and lays on the bed or sits in a chair. I service her orally and using one of her dildos or vibrators. After a days work she has the strong. "The two Best Night Points on offer here, I thought to myself, are the ones pushing out the front of your blouse, Angela darling. I didn't say anything though. Not the right time. There were two other people in the queue to check in. No doubt an opportunity for a little chat and an offer of a drink would present itself later on. She looked a bit prim in her high necked uniform blouse with its knotted neck scarf, her specs on the end of her nose and her blonde hair pulled back tightly behind her. 5 incher. He really knew how to work it too. Not only that, but he was just a fun guy to be around and hang out with. I think that all the ladies liked the parties with Travis the best. Sara, went over to him and started chatting with him, just casual chat (her friends didn't know about our lifestyle) at first, which then progressed to flirting. Sara started to get turned on, but couldn't make a move with her friends there. When her friends got up to leave, she gave travis a hug (feeling his.

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