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I mean, I don't know if you noticed, butmy nipples have grown kind of big, and they're incredible sensitive. Andsince Carrie makes me shave my chest a... well as my legs - for cycling -and my underarms, I guess my chest does look kind of feminine. Plus, withmy waist being so skinny from my exercising, and my legs and butt lookingso big ... well ... maybe I do look kinda feminine. My sister even saidthat I should be wearing her jeans, my butt has gotten so big, and theydo fit better, I guess.So. We get back to Berg’s Keep in early afternoon. I have time to meet with the artisan who is teaching me about guild law. I will have one more session of that class.Then, all the trainees in my class get together. We are all doing well. The trusted facilitators have all accepted for our training culmination party. We are all far enough along that it is time to pick a date. I think it is going to be fun.Princess Aubrielle’s staff and I finished planning her event a couple of days ago. For a while. This is Senator Jason Magill, I need to speak to Prince Rashid.”“I’m sorry, Sir, but the Prince is in Dubai.”“That’s funny! He was at my house last evening.”After a brief pause the man continued, “I can neither confirm or deny that statement, Sir. My security chief asks if there’s another name by which we might know you?” Jason understood the game at that point. They need some confirmation he was who he said he was.“Your security chief would know me as Longbow.”Seconds later another voice. Mary spent the weekend with her. Driving to school Monday morning Kris said come see me at lunch I need to show you something. As the noon bell rang Kris took Mary to an off campus building going around back they looked in the windows, two of Mary's classmates were naked being bent over an chair and spanked hard a couple others were on there knees eating pussy of upper class girls. Mary looked at Kris and Kris told her those girls say that if you do as told then you will make the list for.

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