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She swung it back andlanded a hard blow on the ball of his left foot."Ten," Don cried. This was followed by a similar blow on his right."Nine," follo...ed by a blow back to the right."Eight," caused another to the right.Blows six through three were in the same places while two and one were tothe left and right instep which caused Don to cry out in pain before thenumber."What is the next entry and number? she asked."Sissy used I, with a five," he answered in a weakening voice. Thisresulted in. Except most of those presumed wolves turned out to be meek little lap dogs, far more innocent than I. The disappointment was crushing. And I reacted by throwing myself so far down the rabbit hole I’ve never found my way back.I started by selling my body on the internet. I did it anonymously by using a random photo pulled from google images of a girl-next-door-type ass which looked passably like mine, cheeks held wide apart for a good view. That was an ass begging to be fucked. Cha-ching! I. I was having fun just watching. I lit a cigarette and looked toward the bar to get the bartenders attention and another beer. The bar was not crowded but it took a minute or two for her to see me. I held up my bottle and she nodded. When I looked around to continue watching Chandra and Madison, I was taken by surprise, as Chandra was standing right in front of me. With a grin, she sat down on my knee and asked, ‘Why are you sitting back here all by yourself?’ With a grin of my own, I teasingly. Mandy told him to fuck her mouth deeper and to use it like her pussy, so he started fucking harder until she started gagging on his cock, he had his whole length down her throat telling her he was going to give her his thick spunk. "oh yeah" she said, "wank your cock into my face and I'll catch your spunk in my mouth" This must have really got Dan going because I could hear him wanking furiously, while Mandy coached him, moaning and telling him that she wanted his spunk. She asked him if he.

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