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Cynthia McKinley. That night Joey could not get Mrs. McKinley off his mind and he had the lingering image of Mrs. McKinley holding his cock and then m...sturbating him while he sucks on those voluptuous breasts of hers. Unable to sl**p, Joey jerked off imagining his 40-year-old teacher in different sexual acts with him. After cumming for the third time that night Joey fell into a deep slumber. When Joey woke up the next morning he excitedly took a bath and then got dressed, he was very excited to. "Come with me," sheled her towards her room. "We're not finished yet. But when we areyou'll be beautiful."Rather than Mum putting on the makeup, C.J did it herself as Mumexplained each step. First with Mum's help she trimmed her eyebrowsgiving each one a feminine arch, Blemish cream hid the slight scar underher eye, Foundation and powder followed, C.J took time with her eyes, Ieven learnt a few tips, and she applied a very subtle touch of blush toher cheeks. And then came the lipstick which was. And it was as good as the day it was made, if not for the dirt it would be as good as new. The man whistled at her from the small boat they had used to get to the island. ‘Hurry up Em I’ve got a ton of stuff to do back at headquarters.’ She waved him off as she slowly tromped over. ‘I know I know. And I’ve got one hell of a presentation to make to the United Nations.’ The man laughed. ‘They won’t believe you until they’ve blown up all their asses. And then they’ll wish they took you women more. ”“What?!” Nicole demanded. “Why?”“Because you wet your pants yesterday, and it was the main reason you had to miss my class. I don’t want you missing classes in your other subjects today because you are not old enough to control your body.”“I am,” Nicole looked at her in shock.“No, you are not. You peed yourself yesterday, or was that my imagination? Are you not here because you peed your pants even in the bathroom?”Nicole looked down. Her teacher had her over a barrel.“Now, lie down on the.

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