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Noise from the surf washed up the hillside. Stars were bright and headlights from Highway 1 wound back and forth in the distance. She hugged me and sa...d, ‘There is a run out here, isn’t there?’ ‘Yes. Once a year in the spring, they close the highway for half a day and everyone runs from the state park back to Carmel.’ ‘I asked about running at the desk. They said the highway is too narrow to be safe, but there is a trail that leads up the ridge for miles.’ ‘What about your knee?’ ‘Trails are. What was not unclear was the fact, my uncle had on only a pair of swimming shorts and flip-flops. Shortly thereafter I was greeted by his husband and he too had on only swimming shorts and flip-flops. I asked, "did I miss the memo"? They both said, "don't worry we're having a pool party out back and you're invited"! "Okay", I said. So I followed them out back and it became pretty clear this was not your normal pool party. NO WOMEN!! The words, "oh boy" went through my brain. Not to be rude, I. The whole real reason Mike wanted me to stay the night was because he never had a brother and plus he had a couple of new video games which he was overly excited about them and he wanted me to play with him. Now the reason I wanted to stay the night was totally different from his reason, my reasons came with long blond hair and edible bodies, his sisters, Mandy and Sandy. They were identical twins and they both had blond hair and blue eyes like the Caribbean Sea that could. She did all the usual stuff to get settled in. When she walked into freshman orientation, she started to hear pointed whispers and laughter and felt people staring at her. She dismissed these feelings as paranoia from the way she had been treated at home. She sat down by herself and took out her phone to text her parents that she was safe and sound at school.Without any warning, someone was grabbing her tits from behind. Marie jumped up and spun around to face her attacker. Her heart jumped up.

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