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After a while I stopped, but she kept on and on, and I was getting so annoyed that I just kept thinking: ‘stop already, will you, stop already, stop...already…’ And suddenly she paused and said: ‘Did you say something?’ ‘Me??’ I replied. ‘Did you just tell me to stop?’ ‘Ummm,’ I did not know what to say. ‘no!’ Could this be true? ‘I hope so,’ she answered, not satisfied with my answer. Another time I tried this consciously. She just finished taking a shower. It was summer, I had my shorts on and. The door opened and there stood a guy I didn’t recognize, not her husband. His eyebrows shot up and nothing was said for a moment. “Who are you?” he queried a bit excited. “I’m the furnace man.” Again there was a moment of silence. “Uh, is Sylvia here?” “Just a moment.” he walked away leaving the door wide open. He didn’t come back after long moments.Sylvia’s front door was not exposed directly to the street so I didn’t worry too much about that, just remained standing there, decided to kind of. ”She paused and could see david’s face light up. For a moment she actually felt sorry for what She was about to do to him. He looked so helpless and innocent now, and he was so excited about receiving a reward for his efforts. It was the same look he had when he first started serving Her, and it excited Her to be able to play upon his innocence to Her own advantage. She knew the one thing that david desperately wanted more than anything else in the world was to have sex with Her. She was. As well as a fully stocked office. Walking in his office is like entering another world. He says he has to be able to be in touch out here in the 'woods' so he's got high tech everything! Most of which he has no idea how to use. The rest of the place he attempts to keep a 'rustic' look. But walking in there is like stepping through a time machine. He had it built to suit his tastes which are unique." Cleo laughed, "Maybe you'll see it soon."The landscaping was done very nicely. There were.

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