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“Love you.”“Love you too, Juanito,” she said with her beautiful smile that he loved. She kissed him through the phone.Juan missed his aunt. Hi... feelings did not change for her. However, he saw her in a viral porn video recently. He had one question: Why?Juan Escobedo was on the Naval Academy Midshipmen football team. He had good grades. He was disciplined. Most of all, he was an athlete, playing offensive tackle for the team. However, he was a walking ball of hormones. Sex was walking all. I walked to the end of the table, between her legs, and ran a finger down the opening of her pussy,she moaned, then gently tapped it with my crop,she squeeled, but the gag stopped anything loud,i tapped again this time twice in a rapid succession,tap,tap,she bucked,i then walked to another table,where layed my tools, i picked up 2 nipple clamps and put one on each of her now hard erect nipples,then i chose a whip, i began slowly swinging it closer and closer, to her pussy, with a smack it made. One day there was nobody in my house and I was sleeping in my room and was watching porn and was wearing my boxer. My mom had gone out and the main door was not locked I noticed my aunty coming and acted as if I was sleeping I had a hard on and my tool was very much visible my aunt saw that and was amazed I was noticing the changes in her face, giving a kinky reaction she left. After some time I went to her house and nobody was there I saw her naughty smile and acted as if I don’t know. But I could tell she was going all out for me as it is and I didn't want to push my luck haha. My sister returned to standing in front of me, she pushed her hair back behind one ear and took my hand with hers and put it on the strap of her robe and waited for me to pull it loose. I pulled on the belt of the robe until it separated and I let it drop to the ground, my sisters robe had loosened but not come apart...I could see a small vertical line of skin slowly appear and immediately noticed.

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