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I stopped a minute to send the text, retyping it twice as I tried to make the lie more convincing, thats when a black car came down the road behind me...slowing as it came to a stop beside me. The back door opened and out stepped a woman my age, long black hair, wearing deep red lipstick and a matching dress that was tailored to show off her breasts and short enough so that you could almost tell if she was wearing underwear or not. She had an almost asian look to her but I couldn't tell where. That is the best word I can think of. When I saw you, I just put all of the pieces together in my head and found myself interested." Did I remind you of Monica?" Yes and no. That first day, I felt guilty when I returned to my room. I felt that I was betraying Monica just by noticing you. She wasn't even cold in the ground and I was looking at another woman. It took a whole week for me to sort things out in my head. The good thing was that finding you brought me out of my emotional slump. Just. Stanley had me model several of my sexier outfits along with a couple of shots of me in just panties. Stanley showed Issac the photos and Issac was all for it so Stanley went about setting up dinner for three and i would be the hostess. The days flew by and before i knew it d-day had arrived. I was so nervous i spent the prior day making sure my outfit was perfect. The long raspberry colored wig was styled as well i made sure that everything would be perfect. The last thing i wanted to do was. He was genuinely fond of her, and he could not understand why she was still going with Greg. Still, he did not want to make things difficult for her.The first few days of practice were taken up by conditioning and fundamentals, so there was little chance of encountering Greg. Cal worked with the kickers, and was also included in the defensive backfield drills.At the time of Teri's divorce, Cal had known Rick, but as a child knows an adult neighbor. He had no particular memory of the man's.

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