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Finger her pussy, thumb her clit while rimming her ass. Her pubic hairs will tickle my nose, lips and chin. Likewise the fur in her ass crack if she i... hairy there. My cock will be hard, erect, oozing pre-cum. I will come back up on her, feel her breasts on my chest, guide my cock to her sweet, wet, flower-petaled opening or relish the feel of her doing that. I will swab the mushroom crown head up and down between her lips, feel her clit with it, position it to her opening and put the knob. All said and done me and wife found her to be good in presentation etc. Her only condition was she would stay in the house as her own house is very far from where we live. I was reluctant but after 3 days of discussion at home we finally agreed she could stay and get a weekly off on alternate sundays.Shailly turned out to be worth the money we were paying her, managing the entire household work without any follow up and we found it relaxing to leave everything to her and not worry about chores. Never before have I had two orgasms during the same fuck. I don’t know how you did it, but it sure would be nice for it to happen again.” Almo was obviously pleased with that statement, so I was certainly happy.We cuddled for a while, but not for long. We both went to sleep and didn’t wake up until we barely had time to dress and get to breakfast before they stopped serving it. I must have been wearing a sign about what happened last night, because every person I met had a big grin for me. I. “What the hell is going on!?! Who are you!?” I manage to say, thoroughly shocked at the realty as I try to push this thing off of me. To my surprise I can’t, my arms are tied down, I can’t tell by what. The restraints are loose enough to give me hope of a struggle but short enough to squash them. It’s dark enough I can’t make out who this person is, or what they even look like, only enough moonlight from a window to see a silhouette of a figure ... I hear him chuckle deeply as he rams himself.

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