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In magazines and all a read about the magical pleasure of sex but I never have such an experience. (I experienced it later) for my hubby sex is just o...e sided. He never satisfied me Days passed away one day he got a transfer to one of the metro city. So we shifted there .Life in metro was totally boring for me. Most of the time I am alone in flat, no other ways to spend time. One day one of my friend introduced a 23 year old guy to me .He is cousin of my friend working in an IT firm so most of. I responded by making snide comments in German which Mom understood, but Roberta did not. I watched Roberta’s plane take off with mixed feelings, a bit guilty at my disloyalty. * All my classes were going well, except for mathematical analysis. The first midterm was held in the fourth week and I flunked it badly. It was a shock to me, for it was the first time I had flunked an exam in my life. I didn’t tell Mom, but I called Roberta and told her, fearful of her reaction.“Analysis is. Despite the risk of upsetting Wee, I really wanted to know what G knew about Stacy’s new partner. Did he know what he was doing? Did he make her feel good when G got a chance to play with them both? Who was he and where was her hubby Sean?Yep, I was going to have to ask G about last night. The smug look he was giving us told me he was going to wait to be asked.“Okay G, give.”G smiled. “Something new boys. His name is Andre. He grabbed me, gave me a quick spit to lube me and then we played. I. ..She knelt down next to him on the floor and stroked his hair from his faceand then caressed his cheek "Shhh, baby. I know it's hard, I know. Doesyour tummy hurt?" Roberta nodded his head "I'm so sorry, but you have toget used to this, honey. You do want to see Sarah again, don't you?"Roberta closed his eyes as he nodded now, more tears rolling from hiseyes. 'My god' thought Jodie 'how did this guy get her in the firstplace?' she took a deep breath and put her best mummy voice on again..

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